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Who we are chinese

Who we are chinese

North American International Education & Exchange Institute (Short in NAE) was registered in Edmonton City of Canada. We have been active in China market for almost ten years. In October, 2010, NAE set the office in Beijing to provide better service to Chinese education agents and prospective students and their families.

We are dedicated to building a solid bridge of mutual communication between Chinese high schools and high schools at abroad with our prosperous international education resource and rich experience in high school education for many years. We make every effort to promote mutual cultural exchange of high schools, mutual teacher resource share. We endeavor to carry Chinese high school education internationalization to a further step. For spring 2011 and fall 2011 intakes, we sent over 300 students to American and Canadian high schools.

We strive to provide a safe, reliable and professional plan of studying abroad for our sub agents, parents and students. We pursue a perfect matching for Chinese students and high schools at abroad, so that both of them can have an impressive and exciting experience for school life. We offer ongoing support for the students’ development both on academics and personalities. We have the dream that every student can realize their maximum potential. Our greatest happiness depends on the success of every student.

Hereby we invite you to explore the advantages of NAE, and we look forward to welcoming you to create a much brighter future together!